New York City Firefighters Deliver Christmas Cheer Again

Holiday goodies from the Big Apple are here again.  New York City firefighters drove the Christmas caravan 1500 miles.

This is the third straight year the generous firefighters have collected toys and food and made a special delivery to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

These firefighters who endured 9-11, were among the first responders after Katrina.

"This is my fifth time down. The last two times have been toys for the kids. And the first three times were supplies. And as long as they give it, we can get it down here," said fireman Gary Moore.

New Yorkers are again more than generous. Seven truck loads of toys and food will ensure a happier holiday for families still hurting.

"You know, everybody deals with it. And we know you guys are still dealing with it here. We dealt with 9-11 and we had a lot of support. And now we're here to just pay back a little bit," said organizer and firefighter, Tom O'Connor.

The firehouse brothers with the heavy Brooklyn accents insist they receive far more than they're giving. They understand bouncing back from tragic circumstances.

"It's all, everybody will tell you the same thing. After 9-11 the whole country helped us. And once the hurricane came, we were right down there. Every person here was an active fireman during 9-11," said firefighter Larry Riley.

You've heard of an old fashioned bucket brigade? Well, the best way for firefighters to unload holiday goodies is a present brigade.

They stood shoulder to shoulder, firefighters from New York City and their fellow firemen from Jackson County, passing boxes down the line.

Normally, the firefighters must quickly head home after dropping off the donations. This time, they get to stick around to see the smiles.

"We get more out of it than we put into it. This year, we really look forward to the fact that we'll be on hand to hand out the toys to the kids," said O'Connor.

The toys at the Jackson County Head Start Center will be handed out this Saturday from nine until noon. The center is located on Jefferson Street in Moss Point.