Flag Debate Has Been Silent Since Vote One Year Ago

"It's definitely still an issue with me, I know, and others I've talked to, but it's just not as important as other issues," NAACP President James Crowell said.

"We've never left that issue, but out of respect for our country and our flag, we're going through a healing process," Sons of Confederate Veterans member John French said.

John French and James Crowell may be on different sides of the issue when it comes to the state flag, but both do agree that after September 11th, the state flag vote took a back seat to other issues. Both men also agree the issue will come up again.

"There are a lot more important issues that we are fighting right now that we need to put our energy behind, but we will come back to that issue again," Crowell said.

He says he's headed to the regional conference of the NAACP on Thursday to talk about plans and ways to address the state flag issue. He says with so much happening since then, an economic boycott was put on hold.

"In South Carolina with the flag issue there, the national had put a lot of energy into that and they didn't want to take on too much at one time," Crowell said.

But he says while he can't talk about specifics, there are plans to address the flag issue when he gets back from the conference.

Meanwhile, John French says he and others are working with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to address the eight flags on the beach. He wants to see the original flags fly under the American flags that are there now.

"We don't want just the Confederate flag up we want all of our flags back up. We don't just want the Confederate flag up because that wouldn't be right either. We're looking for the eight flags up just the way they were," French said.

Crowell says the local NAACP will fight any moves to put the original flags up on the eight flags display. Meanwhile, the NAACP in South Carolina has enforced a boycott since January of 2000 in an effort to stop that state from flying the Confederate battle flag at the Statehouse in Columbia.