Moss Point Police Chief Ready For New Challenge

"No one asked me to resign, I have no problems in the police department, and I love all my employees."

News of Police Chief Demetrius Drakeford's abrupt resignation has left Moss Point wondering, "why?"

While some people believe it was the stress of Katrina, or maybe the lack money and city benefits, the chief says he is just ready for a new life challenge.

"All good things come to an end. Although the storm was stressful to all that endured it, it definitely was not the cause of me leaving. In fact, I created the first hurricane plan for the city of Moss Point," Chief Drakeford said.

Drakeford has been helping combat crime and drugs on the streets of Moss Point for half a decade. In 2005, he was named Chief of Police, but that promotion was followed by a multitude of department problems, including jail inmate deaths and officers being arrested.

"I endured things in my first year that a lot of chiefs would not have to deal with in a 25 year period."

Despite the gowning pains, Drakeford is proud of his department's progress.

"I have put a whole lot of work and effort in this department. I think from one to ten, 10 being the highest, I think the department is operating at an 8.5."

When Chief Drakeford leaves office, he would like to see Moss Point Police Officer Frederick Gaston take his position. Drakeford believes Officer Gaston can move the department forward and help fight crime in Moss Point.

"He comes with years of experience, he comes with a master degree of education."

As for Drakeford, his next move in uncertain. But Drakeford is interested in a federal government position and perusing his education.

Chief Drakeford says he is the youngest police chief on Mississippi Coast at this time. He began his law enforcement career at the age of 21.

Mayor Xavier Bishop says no interim police chief has been named at this time.