Ocean Springs Residents Vote On Two Cent Tax Proposal

Ocean Springs residents had a chance Tuesday to vote on a controversial two cent food and beverage tax. But there was some confusion at the polls. Mayor Connie Moran told WLOX News that several residents weren't sure where to vote.

People at the wrong precincts were sent to the correct places, such as the Ocean Springs Civic Center.

City leaders say adding two cents on every dollar spent on food and beverages at restaurants and bars is the best way to pay for a new public safety center and recreation facilities in Ocean Springs. It's estimated that the tax would pull in about $1 million a year, and the levy will end when the debt for the projects has been paid off.

But some residents have questioned why the parks and public safety facilities must be built simultaneously. And some restaurant owners worry that the tax will drive patrons away to neighboring cities.

If you haven't voted yet, the polls are open until 7pm. Here's where you can cast your ballot:

Ward 1 - City Hall on Porter Avenue

Ward 2 - Villa Maria on Washington Avenue

Wards 3 and 4 - National Guard Armory on Pine Avenue

Wards 5 and 6 - Civic Center on Highway 90

Watch for the results tonight on WLOX News at 10pm.