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Drivers, Businesses Happy To See Road Reopened After Repairs

Drivers who make their way across Parker Lake Bridge say they are glad to see it open again after being closed for more than two months.

"It was a real problem having to go all the way to the interstate, because it's a long way around over to Parker Lake," Sarah Pigford said.

"It was very much an inconvenience, and this way it's much quicker, more efficient use of time," Gary Morris said.

Drivers say although the bridge's closing was an inconvenience, it was worth the trouble to get a new foundation for the bridge.

"It's a lot more safe with the bridge being reconstructed and the roadways are a little bit more safe," Morris said.

Business at a nearby Chevron gas station is expected to pick up now that the bridge is open. It's located at the intersection of 63 and Wade-Vancleave Road.

Owner Harold Underwood says he normally sees about 1,200 customers a day. Business dropped off about 10 percent while the bridge was out, but Underwood says that was enough to make a difference in the bottom line.

"We're looking for that traffic pattern to come back over here and hopefully we can get some of that business back," Underwood said.

Now that Parker Lake Bridge is open, Wade-Vancleave Road will once again become one of the busiest roads in the areas. Drivers say they appreciate the bridge more, now that they've had to go without it for a while.

Crews are also doing some paving on Wade-Vancleave road near Paker Lake Bridge. Officials ask all drivers to look out for workers when traveling down that road.

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