Vandals Strike Gulfport Neighborhood

A Gulfport family says Saturday night someone ransacked their yard destroying many of their Christmas decorations.

This is the time of the year when south Mississippians take pride in weeks of hard work decorating for the holidays.

The Chedotals are no exception.

"It's a family tradition. We've been doing this since we've been here and it's taken us all these years to get all this together because you just can't afford to get all of it at the same time," said Jeanette Chedotal.

That's why they were floored when they found out someone vandalized their Christmas decorations.

"During the morning I heard my dog growling and shaking and usually when something happens I don't pay her no mind but I should have. I betcha they were out here then," said Philip Chedotal.

When Philip Chedotal went to get his paper Sunday morning he found broken fences, missing reindeer and several other things that looked a lot differently than the night before.

The Chedotals say it took about a month of hard work to get all of the decorations in place and they can't understand why someone would want to tear them down.

The couple says even though the vandals broke many of their cherished decorations, they can't break their Christmas spirit.

The Chedotals filed a police report and police have already stepped up patrols in the area.