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Tuition Going Up At Some Private Colleges

Students enrolled at some of Mississippi's private colleges will be paying more tuition this fall.

Tuition is increasing by about 5 percent at Millsaps College, Mississippi College, Belhaven College and Tougaloo College.

At Tougaloo, interim President Beverly Hogan says the increase will help reduce debts triggered by an enrollment slump and the rising cost of living. About 880 students are now enrolled at Tougaloo where 1,100 were enrolled a few years ago. Hogan said Tougaloo hopes to reduce most of its $2.4 million deficit by the new fiscal year that begins July 1.

Tuition for full-time Tougaloo students is now about $3,450 per semester. With tuition and room and board factored in, annual costs will go up from $11,500 to about $12,000.

At Millsaps, President Frances Lucas-Tauchar says efforts to boost student financial aid will be stepped up.

"We are dedicated to meeting our students' demonstrated financial need with aid from Millsaps, state and federal sources,'' Lucas-Tauchar said.

For the 2002-03 academic year, undergraduate tuition at Millsaps College will be $16,364. Total annual cost for Millsaps, including tuition, room and board, for the current school year is $22,608. Total cost for next year will be $23,736.

Belhaven's annual tuition this fall will be $11,580, up by $590 from the $10,990 for the current academic year. Room and board costs will also be going up, from $4,440 this year to $4,770 for the 2002-03 academic year.

At Mississippi College, the board of trustees felt the 5.62 percent increase in tuition for undergraduates is "reasonable at this point in time,'' said interim President Lloyd "Bo'' Roberts. For an MC student taking 30 semester hours annually, tuition will go up from $9,600 to $10,140 in 2002-03, a jump of $540. Total annual costs at MC, including tuition and room and board will be $15,234, up from $14,416 this year.

Hinds Community College recently hiked its tuition 10 percent starting in August. Officials at other two-year schools and Mississippi universities are exploring tuition increases beginning this fall to combat budget cuts.

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