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Gulfport Mayor Says VA Property Plans Moving Forward

Gulfport's mayor has found two companies he'd like to hire to create a master plan for the VA property. Next week, he'll ask the city council to approve their selections.

Many people around Gulfport are starting to get worried about the inactivity at the VA site. They question why it's taking so long for the city to figure out what to do with the property.

However, Mayor Brent Warr says there's no need to worry. The city is about to hold meetings and map out the appropriate uses for the VA property.

"And what you do is you bring in everybody who has an opinion, the neighbors, the surrounding property owners, the council, the people who are in the development business. And you sit down and say, 'What should it be? What's the best thing for the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast and the city of Gulfport for this to be?' And you sit down and you work on that until everybody's ideas are out there," Mayor Warr said.

WLOX News contacted the VA's public affairs office in Biloxi Friday. The man who called us back admitted there have been some bumps in the road. However, Wayne Alley said the process to turn the VA property over to Gulfport is moving forward. He's been told the changeover should be finalized during the first quarter of next year.

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