South Mississippi To Aid In Peterson Search

South Mississippi may soon play a role in search efforts to find a missing Illinois woman.

Stacy Peterson was last seen in October. Now officials are treating the case as a potential homicide. Search crews are spending countless hours searching for the 23-year-old mother. Now the government is asking a pilot from the Ocean Springs Airport to become a part of the search team.

"When the Illinois State Police and the government found out that we could be of assistance, there was no hesitation," said Captain Mal Woodcock, Director of the Ocean Springs Airport.

He says previous projects with the federal government and word-of-mouth were key to him being asked to help in the search of Stacy Peterson.

Captain Woodcock is just one-third of the crew that will aid in the search. Two other crew members on the aircraft will monitor the technology that could ultimately help solve the case.

"The equipment, with both the camera and the sensors, are rather sophisticated, even beyond my understanding," Woodcock said.

Captain Woodcock says his crew will leave early Monday morning and stay in the Midwest for about a week. The search will extend over a 25 mile radius in the Chicago area.

Woodcock will fly the aircraft. Two other members from the agency will collect data in hopes of detecting a barrel where the woman's body is believed to be.