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Moss Point Faces Worker Shortage

Moss Point city workers are being stretched pretty thin these days because of the employee shortage. The workload is affecting Police Chief Demetrius Drakeford and Fire Captain Mark Condrey.

"It just makes it a lot harder to do our job," Captain Condrey said.

"We definitely need the manpower," Chief Drakeford said.

Mayor Xavier Bishop says the city's high turnover rate is due to a number of factors, including people relocating post-Katrina and workers getting fired because they are not doing their jobs.

"It takes a higher qualification to now work for the city than it did four or five years ago," Mayor Bishop said.

There is also a big need for workers at the Public Works Office. Moss Point recently outsourced the department, and Mayor Xavier Bishop is hoping to attract more qualified workers.

"We are looking for the best, the best people to fill these position."

To find the best and brightest people, the city is hosting a job fair next week. Human Resource Director Tenesha Taylor-McClendon says the fair is a great way to get the word out about the empty positions.

"Our new slogan is becoming a world class river city, and that is what we are trying to do right now. We want other people to come and help us do that by filling these positions," Taylor-McClendon said.

There are a couple of new jobs added to the city's employment list, including a grant writer.

"The fiscal started October 1st of this year, and the mayor and board put a lot of additional positions in our budget."

The job fair will be held  Monday, December 10th, at Pelican Landing in Moss Point from 1pm to 5pm.

by Patrice Clark

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