Search Continues For Jail Escapee In Pearl River County

Pearl River County Sheriff's Deputies combed the Henley community for a second day, looking for Freddie Suttle.

The search had been a massive manhunt with help from several law enforcement agencies. It was scaled back late Sunday night.

"The reason we discontinued the helicopters and the K-9 units is because they covered the area extremely well," Chief Deputy Arron Russell said. "You're talking about basically from noon on Sunday to almost midnight, they were able to fly over the area numerous times. The K-9 units crossed through the woods, so we covered it best we could both on foot and the air. There would be a chance he's left the area based on the thoroughness of the search."

WLOX NEWS has learned more about Suttle's criminal history. He's a convicted felon, arrested in October and then again in March on drug charges. He was out of jail on bond on when he was arrested last week for possession of a firearm. Authorities believe Suttle still has a weapon with him.

"We definitely consider Suttle as armed and dangerous."

Fear is running rampant throughout the Henley Field community. As word spread about the escape, some people packed up their bags and left their homes for the evening.

"If he'd shot a policeman, he'd shot us. So like I said, we locked our vehicles last night and loaded our guns," Pearl River County resident Harry Rice said.

Meanwhile, Sheriff's officials have begun an investigation as to how Suttle's girlfriend, Maria Novak was able to get a handgun into the jail's courtyard where visitations are allowed.

"The jailers do search all packages, purses, containers of any kind, but they do random searches on people," Russell said. "To my knowledge, she was not searched, and I know the department is going to be reviewing the policies to see if there are any changes we can make."

Sheriff's officials say Suttle's girl friend has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault for shooting at three deputies. She was also charged with armed robbery for allegedly stealing keys to the jails gate and a deputies radio. She's also being held on federal drug charges by the DEA. The aggravated assault charges carry a penalty of 30 years on each count.

By Al Showers