Medicare Deadline Looming For Health Coverage

Now is the time for Medicare recipients to make enrollment changes to their prescription drug plans. To help emphasize that point, the Medicare bus made a stop on Monday at Our Lady of Fatima church.

"Now is the time for beneficiaries to prepare and compare their health and prescription drug coverage options and choose the plan that best meets their needs," Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt wrote in a news release.

"We intend to keep building on the success the program has achieved thus far.  The most recent satisfaction rate stands at 86 percent; the estimated average premium is 40 percent lower than originally estimated and total estimated costs are running $188 billion below initial projections.  Part D is a program that is working well and is helping Medicare beneficiaries with their prescription drug costs."

About two dozen people who get Medicare assistance attended an afternoon workshop. They got advice about the healthcare options available to them.

Cynthia Caldwell is the Area Agency On Aging coordinator.

"We're here also to assist those who might need flu shots, flu vaccines, health screenings," she explained. "We're assisting those with Medicaid, specifically the elderly, or people who are on Medicare that might need information about the Medicaid program."

Medicare enrollment changes must be made by December 31st.