Saints Fans Disappointed After Loss, Trying to Keep the Faith

Saints fans entered the 2007 season with unprecedented optimism. But after Sunday night's disappointing loss, fans are scratching their heads, trying to keep the faith.

It will take something close to a miracle for the Saints to make it to the playoffs.

"It's real big around my auntie's house. She has a whole Saints room with Archie Manning, Ricky Williams and Marcus Colston's jersey is up on the wall in a case," said DeMarcus West.

Saints fever runs high in the West family. DeMarcus West is a junior at Biloxi High School. He watched the Saints game at the Village Sports Pub praying for a win because he'd like to see his favorite team play in the Super Bowl.

"I want the Saints to win a Super Bowl. They haven't won one in the whole history of the Saints, so just for me to be here to see it. It's just exciting to me," West said.

Across town at Skeeters, lifelong fans Cyndi Oliver and Jeff Harper were also glued to the game on TV. Oliver was hoping Drew Brees would help the team blow past the Bucaneers.

"I liked him when I saw him in San Diego, and whe nI found out we got him, I thought we were the luckiest, that was the best move ever. He's a great quarterback," Oliver said.

But not even Drew Brees could save the Saints, especially after the team fumbled the ball in the last few seconds of the game.

Sunday night's loss virtually eliminated the New Orleans' Saints from repeating as division champions. It would take some divine intervention--and a wild card--now for the Saints to make it to the Super Bowl, but as many of their fans will tell you--nothing's impossible.

"If the Red Sox can win the World Series twice through the years, we can win a Super Bowl," Harper said.