Congressman Gene Taylor Discusses End Of Year Legislation Still Pending In Washington

President Bush has repeatedly accused congress of endangering the troops by not passing his war funding request without the troop withdrawal time tables that Democrats want included.

Congressman Gene Taylor agrees with the president ,to a point.

"I did not vote for the limitations on the funds that were part of the last bill. But again congress has a say in this. It is important. I think one of the reasons were building those mine resistant vehicles that are going to save lives in Iraq is because Congress insisted, "said Taylor.

Taylor says Congress doesn't want to leave the troops wanting for anything, just like President Bush.

"The absolutely last thing we want is for a vehicle to run out of fuel and troopers to get ambushed and helicopters to fall out of the sky for a lack of maintenance. So again there is a place to congress to say we want this done better in Iraq," Taylor said.

But the ongoing war funding stalemate is just one of the spending bills and other legislation congress will have to consider, and for Taylor ,time is of the essence.

"I've scheduled a trip to go visit the troops. We already have a couple hundred Mississippi Guardsmen back over there, that I would like to go see before Christmas so I'm hoping we can get out before the 16th because that's when I'm scheduled to go over," said Taylor.

However the veteran congressmen admits in Washington, anything or nothing can happen.

"What's going to happen "You got me, said Taylor.