USS Cole Ready to Sail Again

Eighteen months ago, the USS Cole came to Northrup Grumman Ingalls Shipbuilding, wounded from the bombing off the port of Yemen. Now, the Cole is back in tip top condition, and ready to sail again.

More than 1,000 sailors, Ingalls workers, and their families attended a picnic to celebrate the completion of reconstruction work on the ship. There was food and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

About 700 workers had a hand in putting the Cole back together. They say it took a lot of teamwork to get the vessel back in the condition she belongs.

"We tore it apart, rebuilt it, and put it back together and tested it. We took it out for sea trials Friday and Saturday. No problems. She runs like a new lady," said Mike Chapman, USS Cole Ship Superintendent.

"There was a lot of work that had to be scoped and detailed and planned just like new construction. So, at the end of the day it was teamwork that put it back together," said Dr. Phillip Dur, Northrump Grumman Ship Systems President.