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Concert Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Twenty local bands donated their time and talents today to raise awareness about an important breast cancer patient bill. The "breast cancer patient protection act" would guarantee women at least 48-hours recovery time after a mastectomy.

So far, the bill has never made it to a vote. Most women are sent home within just 24 hours of major breast cancer related surgeries. The bill would put the decision of when to send a women home in the hands of their doctors, instead of the insurance companies.

A Connecticut Senator sponsored the bill and did an online plea for help. She hopes to raise signatures on a nationwide petition that would force insurance companies to pay for longer hospital stays for cancer patients. Some South Mississippians responded to her request with an all-day, free concert at Studio 90 Nightclub in Biloxi. The only entrance fee request was a signature on the "Breast Cancer Patient Act" petition.

Concert organizers got more than 400 signatures on the petition. It will now be sent to Congressman Gene Taylor's office and forwarded to Capitol Hill.

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