Moss Point School Gives Students Something to Dance About

Orange Lake Elementary looked more like an arcade Wednesday Morning, as students got to try out the school's new Dance Dance Revolution Game.

"It has you doing all sorts of dance moves that you thought you would never do," Student Nicholas Davison said.

"It will improve my dance moves, it will." Student Chelsey Pruitt said.

"Basically if you watch the screen, move your feet according to what you see on the screen, " Librarian Mary Huntwork said.

Librarian Mary Huntwork says the interactive machine is to help motivate kids to get involved in a district wide reading program, and hopefully increase reading scores.

"We have the Accelerated Reader Motivation Program. You read a book at your level that is assigned by the teacher and the program. They have to score at least 85 percent, or an average of 85 on their quizzes, and they have to reach their point goal.

This program combines academics with health and fitness. The machine gets your blood pumping and your body moving, which is a great and fun to fight obesity.

"As you can see I am probably sweating now."

It was hard to stop Nicholas Davison and his classmate Chelsey Pruitt from showing off their dance moves. The two say this game will keep them in shape, and encourage them to read more.

"Even though reading is not fun all the time it will help, and it will get me to learn everybody else here to learn to read something," Chelsey Pruitt said.

Principal Icy Tolbert, who by the way had to try out the new system, believes her students will be awesome readers and high achievers thanks to this new program.

"It provides them with a big imagination and a broad vocabulary," Principal Icy Tolbert said.

Orange Lake Elementary is the first school in the Moss Point School District to get the dance machine.