Investigation Continues Into Suspected Suicide At Jackson County Jail

Accusations of abuse at the Jackson County Jail have sparked an investigation into the death of an inmate.

Two Jackson County deputies are on administrative leave, and the FBI is involved in the case.

The investigation centers around the death of Ngan Tran, one of the men accused of killing three members of a St. Martin family last November.

Tran was found dead in his jail cell on Wednesday. Three agencies, including the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, are trying to find out what happened at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center on April 5th. The sheriff's department says the investigators are looking into the procedures used during a cell search for weapons last Friday, April 5th.

The department released a statement saying, "This is an internal investigation of personnel involving possible violation of policies and procedures, namely use of excessive force, and not a criminal investigation."

Assistant District Attorney Tim Jones says investigations like this are procedure.

"The fact that an investigation is ongoing or has been conducted does not necessary mean that any kind of criminal wrongdoing has took place or any wrongdoing whatsoever. It's merely just, 'what happened?' "

A coroner's report ruled Ngan Tran's death a suicide by hanging.

Just last month, Tran and Thong Le pleaded not guilty to the murders of Minh Hieu Thi Huyng and her two daughters.

"Tran's death does not affect the case against Le," Jones said. "Our case is extremely strong against the remaining defendant Mr. Thong, or Thong Le. We stand ready to go forward."

While the investigation continues, Jones says the jail staff will keep a close eye on Thong Le as well as other inmates in the jail.

By Myya Durden