Seawolves Fans Show Strong Support For Hockey In South Mississippi

It's game day and Tim Kane of Gulfport is hoping for good seats to see the Seawolves. This will be his 3rd Seawolves game since they returned to their Biloxi home in the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

"I just moved down here but I'm a hockey fan," says Kane.

He's among the thousand of hockey fans who've made the Seawolves return, after a 2 year road trip following Katrina, a successful one.

"We've been doing very very well attendance wise, in excess of 35 hundred every night except for maybe 1 or 2," says Broadcasting and Communications Director Leif Skodnick. "The last 2 nights we've had in excess of 4 thousand and have been above 35 hundred each of the last 4 games which is terrific."

Skodnick says that's right in line with the league average in attendance, despite a less than terrific 5-12-and 1 start.

"On the ice the team hasn't done well to start out but they've turned it around," says Skodnick. "They've won the last 3 and that's going to help us down the road as we compete for a playoff spot."

And Skodnick says that's not bad, considering the less than ideal circumstances behind rebuilding an organization left homeless by the hurricane.

"We're going to have our conference room together finally this week. I finally got my phone turned on today, so I can like answer calls when people call without having to go to someone else's desk."

A long journey home thats been worth the wait to their loyal fans.

by Don Culpepper