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Coast Condo Projects Get Closer To Construction

The Mathernes' drove over from Baton Rouge to ask questions about the Sea Breeze Condominium project. The Louisiana couple thinks Biloxi would be a good place to invest in a home away from home.

"I think that's a great idea," Carla Matherne said. "We're here well about once a month anyway. So we might as well have our own place while we're here."

Mike Boudreaux has talked with an assortment of people just like the Mathernes in the eight months since Sea Breeze opened its Highway 90 sales office.

So far, 48 people have put down $10,000 deposits to reserve units in the 21 story beachfront condo. Some are from Chicago. Others are from Iowa, Louisiana and Florida.

"We have five or six on the cusp," Boudreaux said, "meaning they should come around anytime. But our goal obviously is to hit half of it before we break ground."

Half would be 81 units. Sea Breeze's target month to break ground is August. A month before that groundbreaking, the first of four Beau View towers will come out of the ground.

Richard Landry is the lead developer of Beau View. He said the condo project immediately west of Edgewater Mall is at least a year behind schedule. But he also said it will be built and open in two years.

"We think the country is going to wake up to a pleasant surprise," he said.

According to Landry, Beau View has 45 potential tenants for tower number one. Eventually, the lot next to IHOP restaurant could be home to as many has 480 condominium owners.

As for the Legacy Condominium project in Gulfport, it has 35 units reserved so far. A sales representative said the Legacy needs to double that total before a construction date can be set.

According to the Harrison County Development Commission, people in the three coast counties own or rent 862 condominiumss.  The four projects being developed with double that total.

By Brad Kessie

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