Target Takes Aim At D'Iberville

Heavy traffic near I-10 and I-110 is one of the main reasons the City of D'Iberville has attracted another major development.

A piece of property just off the interstates, is about to experience a retail explosion.

"The City of D'Iberville is going to be the retail hub of South Mississippi for decades to come," said a confident city manager, Richard Rose.

The nearly half million square foot of retail looks good on paper, but developers are serious. They've already requested a variance that will allow Target to place signs on the property.

"For them to bring Target to the table, we're very excited. We're excited to be the first Target in South Mississippi," says Rose, "We're at the greatest intersection in South Mississippi. I-10 and I-110 and the new 67. You don't get any better than that."

D'Iberville is already home to one of the busiest retail areas on the coast: the variety of stores and restaurants along Sangani Boulevard.

Shoppers we talked with are excited about having a Target nearby.

"I've been to Targets before at other places and I've enjoyed their merchandise and I think it's a great thing for our city," said one D'Iberville shopper.

"I think it's great. We have a Target in Hattiesburg. And it's nice to have somewhere besides the other competition to shop," said another female shopper from Hattiesburg.

The planned retail center will attract shoppers and will boost the City of D'Iberville's sales tax proceeds.

The city currently collects about five million dollars a year in sales taxes. City manager Richard Rose says the new development, once complete, will boost that number by an extra two million a year.

"It's a great opportunity for the City of D'Iberville, the citizens of D'Iberville. The first phase of the shopping center is set to open in the spring of '09," says Rose.

The City of D'Iberville will build a four lane road to serve the new shopping center. It will extend Sangani Boulevard to the west, ending at old Highway 67.

Richard Rose says there are also plans to widen the existing Sangani Boulevard to four lanes sometime next year.