It's A Shame That Jeff Bower Is Leaving USM

After 17 seasons, Jeff Bower is out as head football coach at the University of Southern Mississippi. Whether he resigned or was forced out doesn't matter. He is still gone. This after 14 consecutive winning seasons, and invitations to nine bowl games, including five in a row. He is history, and that's a shame.

And it shows exactly what is wrong with college football. Not just win, but win big, all the time. It's doesn't matter if you represent your university with class and grace. It doesn't matter that most of your players graduate. It doesn't matter that you chose to make Hattiesburg your home for almost two decades, passing up more lucrative jobs. None of that matters in the world of college football. Only winning matters. And Jeff Bower is the latest to experience that cold harsh truth. Goodbye coach Bower. You were a credit to USM, and the state of Mississippi.