Domestic Disturbance Call Leads Police To Active Meth Lab

Coolers of chemicals, buckets of tubing, and dozens of bottles aren't the ingredients of your typical domestic disturbance call. But when former Jackson County Narcotics Agent, and current Pascagoula police officer Jackie Trussell answered the call, he discovered an active meth lab.

"This is not just one lab, all these bottles are indicative that they've manufactured methamphetamine here many times. Just the seven two-liter bottles alone, you figure one ounce per cook, that's seven ounces at a minimum," Narcotics Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers said.

Narcotics Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers estimates meth cooked at this apartment could have a street value of nearly $14,000. The suspect, 25 year old Stephen Digman, watched from inside the police car as agents dismantled the lab.

"The suspect stated he'd lived here three to four months, and he'd been manufacturing methamphetamine ever since he'd moved in," Spiers said.

Digman lives just feet away from the "Mile High Paint & Body Shop", and Spiers says it was the perfect cover. The odors that come from a facility likes a body shop could easily hide the scent of a meth lab.

"There are paint chemicals, paint fumes all the time coming from the shop, so your average citizen wouldn't be able to detect it," Spiers said.

Spiers says police might have stumbled across this drug operation by chance, but the Task Force will continue to crack down on meth labs, one bust at a time.

The Narcotics Task Force will have to wait several hours for a cleanup crew to assist in removing the hazardous chemicals. A meth lab was also discovered in Brookhaven, MS Tuesday evening, so state cleanup crews will finish that job, before driving to Pascagoula.

By Keli Rabon