Jackson County Builds New Park For Katrina Damaged Community

As Jackson County Work Crews assembled this large playground set, county officials walked the grounds of the future St. Andrews Community Park to check out the progress.

"We have spent roughly 75 thousand dollars," Recreation Director Jack Hamilton said.

"It is going to be a first class facility for the residents in the area," Jackson County Supervisor John McKay said.

The two men say over the past year, the county has worked to turn this piece of land into a haven of enjoyment and relaxation.  So far, there is a swing set, a walking track, and beautiful trees, but that's just the start.

"We are going to have a pavilion and bar-b-que grills for family outing type deals. We will have small playground equipment for the small kids, and we will have climbing equipment for large kids," McKay said.

There is also a large fitness center at this park for adults to get in shape and exercise while there kids have fun on the playground.

"It is nice and important to also add in the adults in the community," Hamilton said.

The St. Andrews Community was devastated by Katrina.  Supervisor McKay says hopefully building this park will help rebuild the spirit among residents in the county.

"It is the only park in this area.  This area is rapidly growing, including the Gulf Park Estates area,  and there are several thousand residents that live in this area.  This is the only facility to service these people."

The park work is at the midway point.  McKay says mom, dads, and kids will be happy with the final product.

McKay says the St. Andrews Park should be completed by early 2008.