Thank-You, Trent Lott, For Your Service

South Mississippi is losing an advocate in Washington. U-S Senator Trent Lott. The Senate whip has announced he will resign from the Senate before the end of the year. His resignation will end a congressional career that began in the 70s. Whether you are a Lott supporter or opponent, undoubtedly all will agree, the loss of Lott's seniority and power in our nation's capitol will create a void for South Mississippi and the entire state.

All you have to do is remember how our congressional team lead by Senators Trent Lott and Thad Cochran won federal support for our Katrina recovery as Louisiana's delegation struggled. We are thankful that Lott was part of our Katrina lobby at the federal level. Just a couple of years ago Senator Lott was not going to run again.

But then Katrina struck and he promised to serve to help our area through its Katrina Recovery. We are thankful that Lott stayed as long as he did... And wish he would stay longer. But Lott has decided it's time to move on... And even though he will be missed... we wish him well and say a big thank you for serving our community and our nation.