Judge Clarifies Remarks Concerning Homosexuals

George County Justice Court Judge Connie Glenn Wilkerson says he's sorry his comments about gay people have stirred up so much controversy.

As WLOX News reported Wednesday, Wilkerson wrote a letter to the editor of the George County Times saying homosexuals should be put in mental institutions. His comments brought criticism from gay rights groups and a complaint to the Judiciary Performance Commission.

"I wish somebody that's been offended would come up and let me show them what I think of them, the individual. I have no feelings against them," Wilkerson said.

Judge Wilkerson said he meant no harm with his opinion letter printed in two south Mississippi Newspapers.

"I've wrote letters throughout my life, and I probably just wasn't thinking about the problems that it might cost my fellow man. I'm sorry it's caused anybody any problems. I'm trying to help."

Help is in the bible Wilkerson says. And he doesn't apologize for his faith or his belief the Bible condems homosexuality. He says laws that grant gay couples the same rights as married couples are wrong.

"The movement shouldn't be given preferential treatment. I shouldn't be able to sue for rights, say if I had a lover. That's not my wife.

"I don't ask a fellow if they're a homosexual or a lady if she's a lesbian when they come in front of me. That has nothing to do with my judging."

But the judge does admit writing the letter probably wasn't the best idea.

"I probably wouldn't write it, seeing as much trouble as it's caused people. I didn't know it was going to cause problems."

Judge Wilkerson says he considers himself a fair and honest judge, and if the Judiciary Performace Commission chooses to punish him, the people of George County will be the losers.