Missing Man's Family Waits For News

Bobbie Richardson's daughter says her dad suffers from dementia that makes him confused and disoriented. Becky Dannelley says it seems like her dad just disappeared without a trace.

The last time anyone at Southern Heritage Personal Care Center saw Richardson was Thursday, April 4th.

"He was sitting on the sofa in the living room and when they went to get all the residents in for lunch they realized he was not there," Dannelley said.

Dannelley says no one knows how long her dad was missing before lunch that day. She says she doesn't think he just wandered off because he is too weak to walk very far without help. Dannelley says she thinks someone picked him up.

"I keep thinking there's a lot of lonely people around and maybe somebody just needed companionship and they just picked him up, don't know where, and they're taking good care of him. That's my best hope."

Despite an intense search from the air and on the ground, Richardson hasn't turned up. Many sightings of him have been called into the police, but they all turned out to be false.

"We try to not get our hopes up too much about each of them, but it's hard to keep from getting excited," Dannelley said.

As the days pass with no news, Dannelley says she hopes for the best, but she is prepared for the worst.

"My sister has dental records, and I've got his suit cleaned. We're ready for whatever happens. I want closure more for his sisters than I do for myself. His sister is in Panama City and another one in Carthage, and they don't need this stress."

If you've seen the man, please contact your nearest law enforcement agency.