Biloxi Mayor Issues Statement About Trent Lott

This is a statement issued by Biloxi mayor A.J. Holloway concerning the resignation of Trent Lott. "Trent Lott and I have a history that goes back nearly 50 years, to our days at Ole Miss. I played on the national championship in 1960, and Trent was one of the cheerleaders. But for the past four decades, I've been one of HIS cheerleaders. He went to Washington and I went to Biloxi.

He kept his hair. I didn't. Mississippi has a history of finding good senators and keeping them. People like John Stennis, Jim Eastland, Thad Cochran and, yes, Trent Lott. Over the next several weeks, there's going to be a lot said and written about Trent, but let me say this: He served the people of this country and the people of Mississippi well. He did it with character. He did it with determination. He did it with finesse. No matter what environment he was in, no matter who he was meeting with, and no matter what position he rose to, he always remembered where he was from and who he was representing, the people of Mississippi.

I am proud to say I'm a Trent Lott man, and I'm proud to count him among my friends. On behalf of the people of Biloxi, I say thank you to Trent Lott. God bless you and Tricia and your family.