Habitat For Humanity Continues Building Homes In South Mississippi

As we get ready to close out another year, we should give thanks to our local Habitat for Humanity organization.

The local Habitat organization in Harrison, Jackson and Stone counties has built more homes this year in South Mississippi than any of the other 1,600 Habitat affiliates across the country.

Locally Habitat has built 175 homes this year alone. In the next four to five years the group plans on building 800 to 1000 affordable homes in South Mississippi.

In fact, the Governor's office indicated the local Habitat affiliate is the second largest builder in the state including for profit companies.

We often hear 'not enough is being done to build affordable homes.' Well, Habitat is one organization that is doing this each and every day.

We like the Habitat model because it requires each home owner to put in some sweat equity, so the house is not just a gift.

In addition, Habitat has partnered with Mercy Housing, so each new homeowner receives counseling classes on how to budget for the new home.

Also we should praise the Salvation Army which has provided a $10,000 down payment assistance for every Habitat homeowner since Hurricane Katrina.

In the coming year, if you are looking to volunteer some of your time, then consider Habitat for Humanity, as it is helping build our coast back one house at a time.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager