Local Motorcycle Club Holds Annual Toy Run

These bikers may look tough, but their hearts are as soft as they come.

Dave Jones said, "We have four kids of our own and we are able to provide for them but there is plenty people out there who are not able to, so this is why this is such a good event."

Sean Wiggin said, "This time of year makes everybody get friendly and help one another."

Riders from several coastal counties loaded up their bikes with toys in hopes of helping just one South Mississippi child.

Smokey with the Asgard Motorcycle Club said, "Once we give the toys to these people, they sort out the families that are really needy and go through the churches and just distribute the toys from there."

The Asgards partner with several local organizations including the Catholic Diocese.  Leaders say every year the group goes above and beyond to help South Mississippi Children.

Bishop Thomas Brody with the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi said, "I am never surprised by the Asgards and their motorcycle friends. They just bring such generosity in many ways to the people of our community."

Something Bishop Brody says is what the holiday season is all about.

"This is really the message of Christmas, how good God is to us and calls us to be good to neighbors, said" Bishop Brody.

Kelly Deschamps is the director for the office of long term recovery.

"We now have 624 cases open and we are really trying to reach out to all of those people who are waiting for us to get back on track and be more efficient," said Dechamps.

That's why she's joining hundreds of South Mississippians who are thankful the Asgards are revving up for a worthy cause.

Dechamps said, "If we can get them a bike or a teddy bear or something that will really brighten their holiday, we will just be overjoyed."

Dave Jones said, "It's for the kids, that's who's most important, right? It's for the kids."

More than 300 bikers participated in this year's toy run.