Sewage Problems Still Lingering For Escatawpa Resident

One look at Charles Shelton's home, and your eyes are drawn to piles of dirt on the side.

"It's filthy and nasty. I would have never left nobody's yard like that," Shelton said.

Earlier this month, we took you to Shelton's "sewage sinkhole" -- a 12 by 12 pile of mud and raw sewage in his yard. Three weeks later, the hole has been filled, but Shelton's yard is a muddy mess.

"If you were working for the city of Pascagoula and you did work like that, you'd get fired," Shelton said.

Shelton, who used to work for Pascagoula's public works department, says the mud still poses a danger to his family and neighbors.

"That's sewer sitting there. The dirt should have been changed out, and put new dirt back in. But they put the same old dirt right back into the hole," Shelton said.

A few more things have changed since we last visited Shelton's house. He had to pull up the carpet and tile in his house because of sewage contamination, and has repainted his house because of mud thrown on his wall while the hole was being fixed.

The city of Moss Point has promised to pay for the damages inside his home. Shelton says it's far overdue.

"I guess one of these days they'll go ahead and send me my money, and I can get my home back, hopefully before Christmas," Shelton said.

While his property is on the road to recovery, Shelton says this is a journey he should have never started.

"Why did I move to Escatawpa and be under the city of Moss Point? I should have went on to Pascagoula and built, or went on up the road to Hurley," Shelton said.

And what was once a dream home is now the last place Shelton wants to be.

Shelton says he's also waiting on reimbursement for the 18 months he was not really connected to the sewer line, but was paying for the services.

Mayor Xavier Bishop, who is currently overseeing the public works department, says Shelton must fill out a formal request for the payment issue to be investigated.