Highway 90 In Biloxi Soon To Be Fully Lit

For years, the lights of Biloxi have beckoned people from near and far away whether it was the flashing light of the historic lighthouse or the glitzy bulbs lighting up the city's casinos. Katrina left the city in the dark for a while, but it won't be long before all 8.4 four miles of Biloxi's Beachfront Boulevard is lit up.

"We're talking about in the neighborhood of 400 40-foot fiberglass breakaway poles. That comes down to about 100 lights per mile on Beach Boulevard in Biloxi," said city spokesman Vincent Creel.

Before the storm, there were 250 streetlights along Highway 90. Nearly 200 of those were put back up by December 2005, and now, under the $2 million project, there will be more lights than ever along one of the city's most traveled roads.

"There was a section that we referred to down in the holy land from St. George to White Avenue, that never had lights on it before. So, now we have lights on there that are up to industry standards," Creel said.

Throughout the next week, crews will be laying underground wiring to light up the west side of the city.

"There's one last stretch that's going to be lit this time next week,and that's a stretch that's about eigth tenths of a mile long, and it's between the Ocean Club Condominium, essentially the old Broadwater and the Coliseum," Creel said.

"We think that it's not only going to be good for the motoring public, but there's a number of locations where you have the condominiums, the hotel, so with all the work you have being done, the landscaping, with the Katrina sculptures, with al the road work going on in East Biloxi, it's going to mean a lot," Creels said.

There should not be any traffic delays as crews lay down the underground wiring for the final phase of the project. Money for the multimillion dollar project came from local, state and federal funds.