South Carolina Volunteers Deliver Thanksgiving Blessings

Volunteers from South Carolina are helping Pascagoula home owners with hurricane recovery and repairs.

"We're from Concord Baptist Church in Anderson, South Carolina and 46 of us drove down here Wednesday. And basically what we're doing is we're working on a couple of homes," said a smiling Carlie Hiott.

Baptist volunteers put some finishing touches on Joan Rutland's home, not far from the water in Pascagoula.

"I just never thought I'd see this part get finished, so it's a great gift, yes," said the thankful home owner.

It seems more fun than work for the South Carolina volunteers.

"I just love doing missions. I really love doing missions. And we thought we'd come down here and spread Jesus' love by serving others," said 16-year-old Carlie.

Matt Kelley is about to graduate from Clemson. He finds fulfillment in assignments like this one.

"Seeing progress. Just seeing the smiling faces and the joy it brings to the people we're helping out," he said.

The church from Anderson, South Carolina has sent several volunteer teams to South Mississippi the past two years. Volunteers who make the trip, tell of the blessings they receive.

"I think that's why it's growing. People are talking to one another about the experiences they've having. And so more people are coming and doing international trips now as well," said Rev. Don Cox, who's helping lead the team.

These visitors will take back the satisfaction of a job well done, and the heartfelt thanks of a home owner who appreciates them more than they know.

"Oh, they mean a great deal. A great deal. We've done mission trips in the past and never thought someone would be coming doing a mission trip for us. It's harder to be on the receiving end, but it's a definite blessing," said Joan Rutland.

The volunteer team is staying at Arlington Heights Baptist Church in Pascagoula.