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Pennsylvania Volunteers Prepare Hot Meals For Thanksgiving

The smell of turkey, the sound of mixers, and the sight potatoes describes the scene at St. Paul United Methodist Church Wednesday.

These Pennsylvania volunteers are working hard to make sure the place is right, and the food is plenty for Thursday's Thanksgiving feast.

"We are cooking five turkeys, they are 20 pound plus turkeys. We have three huge pans of pie filling and three pans of apple crisp," volunteer John Hartman said.

Hartman has been up since 5:30am slicing turkey, and making other last minute preparations.

"It is going to be good Pennsylvania Dutch cooking," Hartman said.

Barbara Wilson is part of the potato peeling team, which is a pretty hard job.

"I am getting a blister, but I switched to a more comfortable grip," Wilson said.

She says giving up her holiday to give delicious meals to South Mississippians is a wonderful and rewarding feeling.

"Everybody needs to eat, and it makes them feel better and comfortable."

Volunteer Janet Mowery agrees. She knows many families are struggling to get back on their feet post-Katrina.

"We know there are still people out there whose homes are not finished, and they do not have a kitchen to cook in, and they might not have a dinning room table to sit around," Mowery said.

Hopefully, this out-of-town crew's meal will fill many stomachs and put smiles on a lot of faces this holiday season.

The luncheon will be held at St. Paul United Methodist Church at the corner of Highway 57 and Highway 90 in Ocean Springs. It starts at noon and goes until 2 p.m.

by Patrice Clark

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