Pass High School Eases Crowded Classrooms

When classes change at Pass Christian High School, you can usually find math teacher Scott Wedgeworth wheeling down the hallway. He pushes his mobile classroom on a cart.

"They call us floating teachers, because we have to float from classroom to classroom. We don't have a room to call our own. There are times when I'll have to use a kitchen or the home economics room to teach," Wedgeworth said.

The school faces a crowding crunch, because there's been so much growth in Pass Christian and the student population is on the rise.

"Probably in the six years I've been here, over 100 students have enrolled since I first came to Pass High," Principal Cathy Broadway said. "We've got every classroom filled, every period of the day."

The school hopes to ease the crowded conditions with a $1.3 million expansion project. It's adding new classrooms to the high school building.

"We will have 16 additional classrooms. The exterior of the building will match the exterior of this building. The classrooms will be similar to the current ones," Broadway said.

Scott Wedgeworth is counting the day until one of those classrooms belongs to him.

"I keep telling my students, you just wait, I'm going to decorate that thing. I'm going to put dry erase wall from floor to ceiling. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, I think it's going to be nice," Wedgeworth said.

The new classrooms should be ready in time for the new school year. Pass Elementary is also in the process of converting old office space into new classrooms. The Middle School is considering adding classrooms as well, because it's also experiencing an overcrowding problem.