Crew Returns To Naval Station Pascagoula After Six-Month Deployment

At Naval Station Pascagoula hugs and kisses were the order of the day on Wednesday.

The crew of the Stephen W. Groves returned home after a six-month deployment in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

A crowd of around 300 people turned out to welcome the Groves back home with banners and U.S. flags. The Groves took part in four major drug busts, stopping an estimated $1 billion worth of cocaine from making it into the United States.

Crew members say huge crowd on the docks meant a lot to them.

"It's heart warming to know the support is here behind us, and everybody understands why we have to be out there," Cmdr. Tim Werre said. "It makes you proud to be an American when you see something like that."

The 220-member crew will have the next few weeks off before they start training again this summer.