Mad Rush On To File Taxes

Ruby Compton counts on accountant Mike Strojny to prepare her taxes. With only a few days left, Compton wants to make sure she gets everything right.

"We've used Mike now for about seven or eight years and we, I just need some help and Mike is the one I come to," Compton said.

This is the time of year a lot of people are rushing to their tax preparers. Strojny says every year he sees more people wait until the last minute.

"It never changes. I feel people generally, they come in this time, owe money and they feel that's their own little tax protest, their own Boston Tea Party, to hold on to their money as long as they possibly can until the very last day," Strojny said.

The old way of doing your taxes was filling out forms and dropping them in the mail. But these days E-Filing is the big thing and more and more people are filing on line.

"The E-Filing is so much easier," said D'onne Setzer, the office manager of H&R Block. "You also know if there's a problem with the return immediately. There's just a lot of benefits to it, it's a lot faster and saves a lot of time."

"The state did not slow down on their E-filing refunds. A lot of people don't know that. They came in and said 'Well I guess I won't get my money,' because it's publicized that the state is behind," Strojny said. "But they are getting their money as quick as they are from the federal by E-filing."

Strojny and Setzer say most people don't keep up with yearly tax law changes. That's why they count on professionals whose job it is to know the law, and make filing your taxes as stress free as possible.