Pascagoula Rolls Forward On Skate Park Plans

"They think we're misfits, coming out here breaking the law and skating on their territory," 16-year-old Carl Weissi said.

It's the stairs, the curbs, and the flat pavement of a Pascagoula bank that keep Weissi and his friend Michael Cowart busy for hours.

"There's really not much to skate around here. Skating is really 'skate anything you can find,'" Weissi said.

Their favorite sport usually gets them in trouble. But those days are almost up, because Pascagoula's plans for a $150,000 skate park are cruising forward.

"I think it will be full all the time," Darcie Crew said.

Pascagoula Parks & Recreation Director Darcie Crew teamed up with local skaters and a California design group to create the plans. I.G. Levy Park's tree stumps and dangling limbs will be replaced by a skater's dream of ramps, rails, and quarter pipes.

I.G. Levy Park appears to be the best choice for everyone in the family. It already has tennis courts, a playground, and plenty of shade for skaters to enjoy.

"The kids are excited about that. They're like, 'Man we never get to skate in the shade.' Especially at another skate park, usually it's a big open area," Crew said.

Skaters will have about six months to practice their tricks before the park opens, but Cowart already knows how he'll feel when his board hits the brand new concrete.

"My heart's going to be racing because I'm going to be so happy. I think it's going to mean a lot to skaters because we'll finally have a place to skate. I think it's going to be great," Cowart said.

Crew says Pascagoula will go out for bids on the park in January. She estimates that the park will be complete by the end of the school year in May.