Toy Safety On Minds Of Early Christmas Shoppers

Kids are already clamoring for the coolest toys at the Wal-Mart Super Center in Gulfport.

"You see something you want?" Cherie Schonewitz asked her children.

"Spider man!" her two-year old son shouted.

The Long Beach mom is making a Christmas wish list for her four young children.

"I'm getting an I-dog," her eight-year old daughter said.

"It just makes it easier when they're writing notes to Santa Claus," Schonewitz said.

Schonewitz is very aware of recent recalls of millions of potentially dangerous toys, because of lead dangers and choking hazards.  The recalls aren't forcing Schonewitz to cut back on her toy purchases. But they've turned her into a more cautious shopper.

"Sometimes you have those things in the kids closet that they've been playing with, and all of a sudden it pops up that they have lead in them," Schonewitz said. "It's definitely a concern."

Nicole Williams of Gulfport also makes sure the toys she picks for her two children are safe.

"I check where the toys are made in, and just to make sure the list of recalls on the Internet," Nicole Williams said.

Wal-mart has put up signs along the shelves, warning parents about the latest safety recalls. The toy department manager says parents should read those notices, as well as the labels on all the toys.

"Read the labels and buy according to the age group," said Phyllis Bester, Wal-Mart Toy Department Manager. "It's very important that the smaller kids don't have toys that have smaller parts. Our toys are safe. And as we get recalls, we do the appropriate thing and pull them off the shelves."

Many parents say they're confident that stores are doing their part, to protect children from hazardous toys.

"You put your trust in them, and hope and pray that they don't harm the kids," Schonewitz said.

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