Mississippi Should Do More To Protect Home Buyers From Lingering Meth

How would you like to save your money for years and finally buy a house, just to discover months later it had once been the site of a meth lab. That's what we found happened to several South Mississippi families in a four month investigation by WLOX reporter Keli Rabon.

Mississippi law does not require someone selling their own home to disclose that a meth lab was once housed in the structure. While state real estate regulations require disclosing any toxic chemicals on site, they do not specially require the mention of a meth lab.

In addition, there are no cleanup guidelines in place. So basically someone selling a meth home can vacuum the carpets and wipe down the walls and put the property on the market.

We need better regulations in place here in Mississippi to protect the innocent home buyer.

Nineteen states have regulations on how to get rid of meth from a home. They require state certified cleanup contractors to ensure the work is done properly.

Our investigation here in South Mississippi found several homes where there were still low to high levels of meth residue in the building.

Innocent home buyers should not have to pay thousands of dollars for a home only to find out later it still contains meth residue. There should be a statewide program in place to make sure a meth home is properly cleaned before it goes back on the market.

We urge the state legislature to look into this problem, and do as 19 other states have already done, and adopt strict guidelines to protect home owners.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager