Report Puts Mississippi Sixth In List Of Pork Barrel Spending

A new report says millions of dollars are being spent right here in South Mississippi on "pork barrel" projects.

Citizens Against Government Waste issued its annual "Pig Book." This year, it lists Mississippi sixth in pork barrel spending per capita.

The new Ohr-O'Keefe museum in Biloxi made the list. It's getting $425,000 of federal funding.

Three million dollars in tax money is building the new federal courthouse in downtown Gulfport. Even more is going to Stennis Space Center. A rocket propulsion testing facility there is getting $6.5.

The report also says some pork barrel spending is going to Naval Station Pascagoula. The Fleet Ops building is getting more than $4.5 million. Coast transportation is also getting some money. Four million dollars of federal funding will go to a "multi-modal transportation facility."

If you'd like to learn more about the report, and how the report defines what's pork barrel spending, you can find out more at the Citizens Against Government Waste web site,