Beyond The Casino

One south Mississippi casino is stepping up to help others and they say it goes beyond the holiday season.

Workers from the IP were preparing meals in a different setting, for a good cause.

"We made the call and said that as a company we are going to sponsor this third Saturday, we need people to help and to volunteer," said Darin Hymel, Executive Sous Chef with IP.

He says dozens of workers stepped up to volunteer their time and energy to feed south Mississippi's needy population.

"It's great that they know we are here and they know that they can come but it's also sad that they have to come. But since they do have to come, we have to be here," Hymel said.

In August, the casino committed to help the struggling Loaves and Fishes organization through the end of the year. Hymel says they couldn't do it without the volunteers.

Claudia Jones is just one of the many IP workers who committed to help.

"I signed up for several occasions, sure, it's a good thing," said Jones.

At the IP she manages room service and when she comes to Loaves and Fishes, she says she extends the courtesy.

"It don't matter what kind of guest you are. Just like out there, they are my guests. So I like to take care of them," said Jones.

It's a service leaders say goes beyond casino doors. That's why the IP has recommitted to helping Loaves and Fishes through 2008.

Now leaders at the IP hope that other casinos will take note, and follow their lead.

The IP feeds at Loaves and Fishes on the third Saturday of every month.

However, the organization feeds every day beginning at 11:30.