Lawsuit Could Give Biloxi More Land In City Limits

The city of Biloxi says it has no plans of fighting what it calls a friendly lawsuit, that would add 1500 acres of land to its city limits.

James Frisby has filed a suit asking for inclusion of land he plans on turning into a development with homes and commercial business.

"What we're doing here is making a giant contribution to the community without asking them to pay for anything," said James Frisby, developer.

The city says Frisby's development could make some positive improvements to the city.

"This will enhance our tax base.  It will provide more revenue to be able to provide better city services," said Vincent Creel, City of Biloxi spokesperson.

But, County Supervisor Connie Rockco points to the lack of services the city has been able to provide for areas it's added to its city limits in the past.

"The city of Biloxi needs to take care of their own before they take in more property that's going to be a liability for the entire city and all its residents," said Rockco.

Earnest Serpas and John Singler agree.  They organized petitions against the inclusion and say they know exactly what will happen if the city adds more land.

"Higher taxes and nothing in return," said Serpas, Harrison County Resident.

"If by any chance his property gets incorporated into the city of Biloxi, it's not going to stop there.  They're going to want to take our property here," said John Singler, Harrison County Resident.

But, city officials says that's not the case.

"The city has no intentions to ask for any other land in that particular area," says Creel.

Regardless of where everyone stands , in the end, it's the courts that will have the final word on whether the proposed development becomes the new neighbor in town.

The city of Gulfport is also in the suit, because Frisby's property ends within three miles of Gulfport city limits.

The second hearing for this case will take place sometime in December.