FEMA Releases New Flood Elevations

The elevation levels have changed in the new preliminary maps, but not by much.

"Most areas, it's two feet or less.  There are some areas that it drops six or eight feet," says MEMA Executive Director Mike Womack.

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway was among the government officials at the meeting.  Holloway says he liked what he saw.

"I would like the city council to adopt these as soon as possible. I think this will spur a little building spree for us."

Womack points out it's important people understand these new elevations reflect a 100 year flood, but would not protect people from another monster storm like Katrina.

He says if people build according to the flood elevations, they face a very slight chance, about one percent, of hurricanes affecting their home.

If city and county governments adopt the elevations, home owners can apply for grants to help them rebuild.

FEMA will also hold public meetings in December where people can voice their questions and concerns.

Click here to view the maps starting Friday at noon.