Upscale, Affordable Housing Coming To Pascagoula

As a giant claw ripped through one of the few Charles Warner Homes still standing in Pascagoula, city leaders and developers shoveled dirt to make way for Morrison Village Senior Apartments and Taylor Heights.

"Out with the old and in with the new. Charles Warner, as you know, was an older property. What better way to replace it than with a senior development and a family development," Realtex Development President Rick Deyoe said.

Deyoe and his team are partnering with the Mississippi Regional Housing Authority for the $30 million project. Deyoe says the new upscale complexes will have state-of-the-art appliances, a swimming pool, clubhouse, and a fitness center.

"The family development consists of 144 units, and those units will be one, two and three bedroom units. The senior development will be 120 units."

Housing Authority representative Jessie Billups hopes this future development will put a dent in the post-Katrina housing crunch.

"It is going to be a tax credit property. The rent will be based upon the income, probably in the range of $400 to $800 max on all of these units, based on the bedroom sizes," Billups said.

And, according to Billups, former Charles Warner residents will get the opportunity to move back, once the new apartments are built.

"We are tracking those families, and those that are eligible will be given first option," Billups said.

That's good news for Cedrick Johnson. His mom stayed in the public housing complex for more than a year.

"Seems like the consumer always had to take the bad end of the stick. With more apartments, means more supplies."

Billups says both apartment complexes should be completed by 2009.  He says the housing authority is making plans to build more upscale complexes on the coast.