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Biloxi Police Arrest More Than A Dozen Suspected Drug Dealers

Officers rounded up at least a dozen people caught selling drugs to undercover police during a two and half month investigation.

"The majority caught were for the sale of narcotics.  There were a few for burglary, but the majority were drug-related charges," says captain John Miller, Biloxi Police Department.

In all, 36 warrants were issued, almost half were caught.  Captain Miller says the dealers primarily sold marijuana and crack cocaine on the streets and from houses throughout Biloxi.

Two teams with a total of 20 officers picked up the alleged drug dealers. But, police say catching people for selling drugs isn't like the past.

"They're not nearly as likely to stand on the corner and deal drugs as they were about three or four years ago. They try to confine themselves more to homes, or they do a lot more business by phone than they did in the past," says Miller.  

Biloxi police say once word gets out about the drug bust, there will likely be a decrease in the number of sales for a period of time.

"For a few weeks or so, it'll be a little harder.  The dealers who are left will be a little more leery of selling on the street," says Miller.

Officers say the rest of the people on their list should be worried.

"They won't know if they're on the list.  There's going to be people watching the news tonight and wondering if we have warrants for them.  Just come on and turn yourself in because you can't run forever," says Miller.

Biloxi Police say drug busts like this are ongoing year-long investigations. The U.S. Marshal Service and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics supported the department in their efforts. Those who weren't caught Tuesday will be listed on the National Crime computer database.

By: Krystal Allan

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