Sea Wolves Await Round Two Of The Kelly Cup Playoffs

No one can argue the fact that the Mississippi Sea Wolves are volatile.  They exploded with aggressive play in the first round of the playoffs leaving the Ice Pilots stunned, in a state of shock and out of the Kelly Cup Championship hunt.

There was nothing timid in the Sea Wolves approach to the playoffs.  They came out quick and delivered a knockout blow.

Before the season began there were more questions then answers surrounding the 2001-2002 Sea Wolves including the ability of first year head coach Bob Woods.  He's come a long way since those days of doubt.

Woods said, " I sure had a lot of people come up to me and told me how they were worried when they heard I was coaching and didn't know what to think.  I was in the same boat.  I didn't know how I was going to do and how things were going to work out.  Every coach has to be given an opportunity at one point in his career and I felt I was ready to make that step and it's worked out great for me."

After watching the Sea Wolves pop the Ice Pilots, you can bet the Jackson Bandits or Louisiana Ice Pilots won't be too happy in facing the Sea Wolves of Coach Bob Woods in the second round of the playoffs.  Once on the ice the Sea Wolves don't let up.  It's a relentless attack. If it comes down to endurance and stamina, the Sea Wolves are running ahead of the pack.