Charity Feeds The Homeless And The Hungry

November is National Hunger and Homeless Month. Wednesday, the Back Bay Mission in Biloxi hosted a special meal for people who may not know where their next meal will come from. It was the second year that Back Bay Mission has hosted a Homeless-Hunger Day Meal.

The charity wants people in South Mississippi to realize that homelessness and going hungry go hand in hand.

For diners, it was like Thanksgiving Day had arrived early. Turkey, dressing, and all the fixings were cooked up by employees at Hard Rock Casino and served to people who say they're thankful for every meal they can get.

"Sometimes we go through so much around here," said Amos. "We never know where our next meal is going to come from."

Homeless-Hunger Day is Back Bay Mission's way of telling South Mississippi: Katrina may have destroyed most of the homeless shelters, but the storm didn't erase the homeless problem.

Scott Williams of Back Bay Mission said, "Still, at this point after Katrina, it's enormous. Most of the infrastructure for homeless people was wiped out and very little of it has been rebuilt at this point. It's a slow process, so those of us who are in agencies that do work with homeless people and try to help them in ways that we can are shouldering most of that."

Samuel Amos says he's one of the fortunate ones because a local family has given him a place to stay. But many of his friends aren't so lucky.

"They go through a lot," said Amos. "A lot of them are still staying in tents, some are staying in abandoned homes and old houses. It's not like it was right after the storm. Like now, if you get caught in abandoned homes or private property, they're going to drag you off to jail. It's kind of hard on them."

Back Bay Mission also gave out clothes and toiletries with the help of some Illinois volunteers.