Program Aimed At Making Affordable, Healthy Homes

A seminar in Biloxi Monday taught people how to avoid potential Health hazards inside their homes. The MSU Coastal Research and Extension office hosted the event.

The seminar, called Healthy Home Improvements, showed participants how to prevent issues like pest control, poor air quality, poisonous chemicals and mold.

"It's hot and humid on the outside. When we air condition, it's cool and dry on the inside. That drives the moisture through walls. So if you air condition, one simple thing is don't use vinyl wall paper, because that is stopping the moisture at the wrong point and likely to grow mold behind if its wet from condensation," building expert Claudette Reichel said.

Officials say the seminar is shown at eleven others sites across the state through video conference.

Click here to learn more about the National Healthy Homes Training Center & Network.