Picayune Spring Street Fair Draws Tens of Thousands

Every April thousands of people make their way through the streets of downtown Picayune for the Spring Street Fair. It's a shopper's delight with an array of crafts, plants and food for sale. Myra Smith spent a week baking pies, cakes, pralines and other goodies to sell over the two days of Spring Fair in Picayune. But business was so good the first day she sold out an had spent all Saturday night baking more treats for Sunday.

"I've been here every year and people come back looking for me," said Smith. "That's what keeps me going."

The wind helped draw potential customers to this booth of wind chimes. The owner says he understands people's fascination with them.

Jerry Barnes said, "The music and it's something to break the monotony. Just the sound of it, the idea of it being there is something that they have."

Nearly 300 vendors sold everything from food to furniture as well as clothing, jewelry and artwork. Visitors say the selection was impressive and so were the prices.

Louisiana resident Jordan Johnson said, "A lot of vendors. It's good pricing too. It's very inexpensive and you can see all the little shops they've got here to begin with. It's great."

Organizers say between 25 and 30 thousand people visit the Spring Fair every year. Some people told me what keeps them coming back to Picayune is that the fair may be big but it still has it's small town charm.

"It's helps bring community together, old friends and new," said Jack Marino. "I think this is what communities like Picayune does best."

Picayune has a second fair in November. Organizers say the Fall fair usually draws a larger crowd because so people do their Christmas shopping.